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My Hooyo's Hooyo

By Zaynab Ahmed December 14, 2023

Grandmothers and mothers are so dear in Somali culture. They bring healing, prayers, knowledge and so much love into the family. “Hooyo,” meaning mother in Somali, has the root word “hoy,” meaning home. Your home is wherever Hooyo is.

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By Ayah Al-Masyabi November 16, 2023

In a rural, deeply segregated 1936 Arkansas, Khadija was born. Growing up, she mostly spent her time in her family’s house. Her parents tried to shield her from racism, but ultimately when she was five she started to notice it everywhere.

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Generation Z, n. 

By Waeza Jagirdar March 21, 2023

"A generation filled with change / that our past fulfills ..." A poem about the new generation of women and what they inherit from generations before them.

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Pulls of Fate

By Anne Hellman November 22, 2022

My great-great-grandfather, Albert Hockstader, was, at one point in the late 1890s, the president of the Hebrew Free School Association. I discovered this while reading a New York Times article from December 27, 1898...

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Unanswered, Thoughts on Virginia Woolf’s “Three Guineas”

By The Grandmother Project September 28, 2022

Virginia Woolf's 1938 book-essay "Three Guineas" responds to an imaginary letter sent from an “educated gentleman,” asking Woolf to join his efforts to prevent war. She proceeds to lay out why it is she cannot answer his request.

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Twin Grandmothers

By Nozibelo Maphosa June 16, 2022

For most twins, as they grow older, the tendency to be inseparable falls away, as each one starts to find his or her own identity and likes. But for 64-year-old Entumbane identical twin sisters, this has not been the case.

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Alphabet City

By Lauren McFarland March 22, 2022

My maternal great-grandmother Odora walked out of her village near Lviv in Ukraine as a teenager, alone. She walked across Germany to make her way to New York City.

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Memories of Mai

By Michelle Peters-Jones January 20, 2022

I grew up with my Aba and Mai. I adored my grandfather, and used to follow him everywhere as a child... But, looking back, it was my Mai who would shape my life more than I ever realized.

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Crossing Borders

By Jael Humphrey November 18, 2021

For years, I was too ashamed of the abortion I had at sixteen to tell anyone. I had to cross state lines to get abortion care because the law in Massachusetts required that I get parental consent.

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Speaking to My Grandmother's Ghost

By Emily Clare October 28, 2021

When people ask me why I believe in ghosts or spirits, the answer is simple: it’s because I have firsthand experience with them.

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A Matrilineal Society in the Time of Covid

By The Grandmother Project September 23, 2021

The matrilineal heritage of the Navajo has stayed strong while the Navajo Nation itself—its people and infrastructure—has suffered some of the worst economic, and now health, conditions in the country.

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Anna's Escapes

By Kim Liao April 15, 2021

In this excerpt from her book, The Cost of Freedom: A Family Memoir of Taiwanese Independence, Kim Liao imagines what her grandmother's childhood in early 1900s Chinatown might have been like.

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Sea Women

By Anne Hellman March 18, 2021

The Haenyeo took my breath away. I’ve never been to Korea, but the photographs I came upon recently of these bold women transported me to that southern coastline...

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"Mary Wilson," an Interview with Martha Reeves

By Martha Reeves, with Carol Off February 18, 2021

An interview with singer Martha Reeves by CBC Radio host Carol Off looks at the life of the late Mary Wilson of the Supremes.

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The Nurse

By Lucille Reed December 16, 2020

We went back to the University of Iowa, where Bob served a four-year residency in general surgery. I worked as a night supervisor.

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Grandmother Recipes

By The Grandmother Project November 19, 2020

A gathering of grandmother recipes that will keep on growing...

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My Grandmother's Pancake Recipe

By Elliott Yoakum November 19, 2020

Elliott Yoakum reconstructs a recipe for pancakes to explore his relationship with his grandmother.

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Grand Mother Earth

By The Grandmother Project October 21, 2020

Now could not be a more important time for the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

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By Anne Hellman September 24, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday. There was expectation, of course, but the reality of her death is truly shocking.

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"Calling All Grand Mothers"

By The Grandmother Project September 8, 2020

A poem by Alice Walker, from her collection Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, calls on the grandmother spirit and on us to clear the way for wise women today, and tomorrow.